Cane sugar manufacture

DATES: 04 May-20 July 2016 (French Version)

DATES:07 September-23 November 2016 (English Version)


To provide engineers with a sound knowledge of sugar processing and to ensure sugar technologists’ knowledge of the engineering principles involved in sugar mills.

To develop the professional skills of persons occupying or preparing to occupy positions of responsibility in sugar producing companies.

To give persons in advisory or research positions an in-depth understanding of the specific techniques of sugar mills.


  • Cane handling and preparation
  • Cane diffusion, milling and imbibition
  • Juice weighing, heating, clarification and filtration
  • Evaporation
  • Massecuite:  pan boiling, crystallisation and exhaustibility
  • Sugar:  centrifugals, quality and refining
  • Energy:  steam production and electricity generation

Target audience

Factory and process managers and their assistants, engineers and technicians.

Course leaders

Lecturers are high calibre professionals actively engaged in sugar milling companies, with inputs by specialists from the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute, University of Mauritius and other organisations linked to the sugar industry.

How to apply

Please download the applications forms below, fill in the application form and return to us.

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