Dynamic balancing

Rotating machines form the greater part of the assets in most active engineering environments. They are subject to unbalance due to wear, breakage and other accidents. As a result, rotation frequency vibrations set in, causing damage to the equipment itself, to neighbouring equipment and to building structures. The correction of unbalance is therefore critical. It is done by dynamic balancing as a common exercise in the manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of rotating machines. This workshop will extend ideas presented in previous coverage of the subject by Mr J Roland Fayolle. It will, for instance, introduce a matrix treatment of couple unbalance.

Target Audience: Mechanical engineers, freelance or employed; technicians of large mechanical engineering and building contractors operating locally and overseas; mechanical engineering students and tutors; maintenance technicians of industrial units: sugar factories, power stations, textile factories; maintenance technicians of large commercial units, hotels and office buildings

Trainer: Roland Fayolle

Dates: 29 September  2021

Course Content

1. The causes of dynamic unbalance
2. The types of unbalance
3. The effects of unbalance
4. The theory of dynamic balancing
5. Equipment: vibration analyzer, dynamic balancer
6. Methods and pitfalls of dynamic balancing
7. Requirements of a balancing technician: theoretical knowledge, experience
8. Training for dynamic balancing

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