International Certificate Course in Cane Sugar Manufacture

This course aims to provide engineers with a sound knowledge of sugar processing and ensure sugar technologists’ knowledge of the engineering principles involved in sugar mills.

Audience: Factory and process managers and their assistants, engineers and technicians

Course Leaders: Lecturers are drawn from high calibre
professionals actively engaged in sugar
milling companies, with inputs by specialists from RTC, the Mauritius Sugarcane Industry
Research Institute (MSIRI), University of Mauritius, the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate and other organisations linked to the sugar industry

Dates: 4 September to 20 November 2019

Course contents

  • Cane handling and preparation
  • Cane diffusion, milling and imbibition
  • Juice weighing, heating, clarification and filtration
  • Evaporation
  • Massecuite: pan boiling, crystallisation and exhaustibility
  • Sugar: centrifugals, quality and refining
  • Chemical control and stocktaking
  • Energy: steam production and electricity generation
  • Pollution control and sanitation
  • Boiler water analysis
  • Factory automation


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