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Essentials of power quality management

The issue of power quality is influenced by conflicting trends:

On the other hands, there is an increasing need for extreme quality in sophisticated applications such as high-tech entertainment, medical services, fast and powerful ICT.

This requirement is met by a strong move on the part of utility companies to ensure continuous service by redundancy of sources and feeders and the suppression of transients.  Concurrently, consumers are using means such as ininterruptible power supplies to ensure continuity of service at the right voltage and frequency.

On the other hand, technological developments such as switch-mode power supplies, LED lighting, variable speed drives are causing exponential rise in the pollution level of electrical power by the distortion of the AC wave form and impact loads are introducing interharmonics.  This workshop will be about maintaining the balance on the side of quality.  It will trace the means of mitigating undesirable events.

Target Audience:

Electrical Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Design Engineers, Maintenance Technicians

Trainer: Jean Roland Fayolle

Dates: 19 November 2019

• Mitigating
• Interruptions
• Voltage swells
• Voltage sags
• Transients
• Flicker
• Phase unbalance
• Harmonics and interharmonics


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