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Leading millennials

The workforce is changing. Members of organization need to connect with millennials to ensure business success. Building a thriving and performing business can be achieved by learning how to collaborate with millennials. This workshop will help you understand how generational differences are impacting your current and future workforce in terms of motivation levels, beliefs, communication and much more.

Target Audience:

• Managers who collaborate with millennials
• Millennials
• Team members and team leaders who work with millennials
• Business leaders in the service industry experiencing changes in their workforce.

Trainer: Varsha Naran

Dates: 16 and 17 April 2019, from 9h00 to 16h30

Participants completing this course should be able to:

  • Explain the differences and similarities among different generations in the workplace
  • Evaluate ways of getting millennials engaged and motivated in the workplace
  • Contribute to the development of work practices and a work culture in which millennials thrive
  • Implement creative approaches to keep millennials engaged and satisfied

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