Leading change

It is now common knowledge that ‘Change is the only constant in the world’. Change is about survival. Leading change is about transforming organisations in order to maintain and improve their effectiveness and productivity. In parallel, change must also occur at individual levels. It is the ability to surf the wave of constant change that will determine the resilience and survival as individuals, as groups of people, and as corporate structures.

The aim of this 12-hour workshop is to provide participants with appropriate understanding of how change operates, the necessity of coping with and engaging in effective change leadership. On the practical side, participants will be provided with the necessary methodology to effectively lead the change process at individual and organisational levels.

Target Audience:

Present and aspiring staff supervisors and line managers

Trainer: Beenou Mungra Rampargass

Dates: 30 and 31 May 2019, from 9h00 to 16h00

Participants completing this course should be able to:

  • Examine the impact of change and the need for change
  • Explore their own ability to cope with change at the individual level
  • Investigate how change happens and how to bring about change
  • Lead change through implementing effective processes and action plans

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