Lightning protection and earthing

There are, in the world, around 2,000 thunderstorms every year. They produce 30 to 100 flashes to earth every second. In Mauritius, 2018 witnessed its fair share of lightning storms. Many local companies were not adequately protected. What could be the consequences of inexistent or poor protection? Fires, destruction of assets, injury and even death. As an example, 24,000 are killed and 200,000 injured worldwide per year as a result of thunderstorms. The USA registers 450 million dollars of property loss per year and well as 6 billion dollars of losses through the destruction of valuable assets.
February, March and April are critical months in Mauritius and it is obvious that lightning storms such as those seen in 2018 are a serious menace deserving more attention from all and in particular from organizations.
Protection is simple in principle and low in cost when compared with the potential damage. The objective of this workshop is to demystify the subject and introduce the theoretical background, the risk factors, implementation materials and techniques.

Target Audience:

Maintenance managers, electrical engineers

Trainer: Jean Roland Fayolle

Dates: 7 February 2020

Participants completing this course should be able to:

  • Describe the nature and impact of lightning as a phenomenon
  • Examine and apply the outline of the system
  • Consider resistive, capacitive and inductive coupling in earthing design
  • Apply the principles and techniques to ensure surge suppression for protection of fragile electronics.


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