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Management Of Pests
And Beneficial Organisms In Smart Agriculture

Implementation of a sound pest management strategy implies correct identification of pests, their natural enemies and other beneficial organisms. The main objective of this course is to demonstrate to participants the need to understand the crop-pest-beneficial organism interaction in the agro-ecosystem.  Participants will be given hands-on training on the identification of the main pests of vegetables and fruits both in the laboratory and through field visits. Emphasis will be laid on the principles of Integrated Pest Management including biological control, judicious use of selective pesticides and cultural control. Participants will also be introduced to new and potential pests and to the legal aspects regarding pesticides.

Target audience: Agronomists, assistant agronomists, agricultural managers and assistants, research scientists and technicians, agro-industry employees, small planters

Date: 29, 31 January, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21 & 26 February 2019


Dr Seelavarn Ganeshan, Dr Preeaduth Sookar (Agricultural Services – Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security), Dr Lalini Unmole (FAREI)

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