The road to excellent customer service

This one-day workshop is all about how to provide excellent customer care. Customer care should not be left to chance. It is in fact a matter of well-designed approaches and strategies as well as developing the right attitude. Empathy, emotional intelligence, good listening skills are all key in making the customer’s journey a success and to keep the customer wanting to come back. This workshop helps participants develop those key skills. Moreover, throughout the workshop participants identify and work on existing good customer care and good customer service practices while identifying and planning what could be improved.

Target Audience: Key team members, front liners, staff

Trainer: Isabelle Domijan-Bowler

Dates: 30 October 2020

Participants completing this course should be able to:

  • Customer care, customer service, customer experience, SERVQUAL model
  • Types of customers
  • Communication skills for better service
  • Techniques for handling customer complaints and challenging customers
  • The role of emotional intelligence in providing good service
  • Action planning for customer care improvements

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